Jaguar XKR-S

Before, Jaguar was the car for businessmen who liked cars with comfort, great value, and good looks. But now, with the new XKR-S, Jaguar seems to concentrate on only one thing: speed! The new Jaguar is a pumped up, stripped down version of the old XKR, which makes it the most powerful road car Jaguar has ever made.

I don’t know about you, but whenever someone says ‘Jaguar’, I always think about a big, black, and luxurious saloon. Now though, the XKR-S has red brake calipers for a start, the inside is fitted with sports seats with leather which was designed to look like carbon fiber, it has a bigger spoiler for aerodynamics, and the nose now looks like a big, angry fish. I love the standard XKR, because even though it’s got a 4.2 L V8 and enough torque to scare someone to death, it’s still a Jag with an automatic gearbox and satellite navigation, and when you want it to be subtle and comfortable, it is! But with the S version, I think Jaguar has gone a little bit over the edge!

I mean, it’s got a 5.0 L supercharged V8 developing 542 bhp, which is not far from Ferrari’s numbers.And that’s fine! But it’s a Jag! As I said, it’s a pumped up version of the standard XKR, which means that it’s nowhere near as comfortable as the standard XKR, and it’s so loud that you can’t even think about relaxing. It’s a mad car. It’s a mad Jag. It’s like Rolls-Roys making a hardcore muscle car! I’m just not sure about it.

I think that with this car, the good things and the bad things offset each other. The good thing is that with its colossal engine, light bodywork, and aerodynamics, this car is amazing as a modern muscle car. The bad thing is that it’s a Jag. All these things make me feel…confused. Because in a way I love this car and its purpose, but I don’t like the fact that it’s a Jaguar. Oh, and it costs $158,000, which isn’t what you call cheap. With that much money, you could buy the new Nissan GT-R, which was built for speed in the first place.

Anyway, this is my opinion about the new Jag, but I interested if you guys can make me like it more. So as always, please leave a comment and a request. And enjoy the pictures. 🙂 You know….the more and more I look at these pictures, the more I love the looks….I hate this car! I feel so confused!!!


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