Zoe – aka Ferrari 488 GTB

Zoe, otherwise known as a Ferrari 488 GTB, is one fiesty beast. She’s powered by a 3.9-liter V8 spiced with a couple of turbos. While her older brother, 458, was a more raw breed of their kind, Zoe is dripping in state of the art technology that she can use to decrease fuel emmisions and increase power output at lower revs. Her aerodynamic shapes and lines were obviously inspired by the 458…and also envied by him. Her angry face and provoking behind sweeps the best of us off our feet, and her dynamic energies are a force to be aware of. Yet under that cherry red clothing and loud exhaust melodies, she isn’t one of those ladies who would give you a nightmare at night. Deep inside she’s kind and forgiving, but it’s best if she believes she is in control. Who knows…maybe it’s better for all of us if she is.


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