Bowler Wildcat

I would’t be surprised if you haven’t even heard a thing about this car. So I’m just gonna cut right to the chase. The Bowler Wildcat has a 5.0 L 300 bhp Land Rover/TVR hybrid V8, and there is only one word to describe this engine: epic. Let me give you an example: An Aston Martin DB7 will go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The Bowler Wildcat will do it in 4.8! It costs about $80,000, and for that, you get a special designed chassis made out of fiberglass, which is so massive that you can put a 10 ton weight on its roof, or drop it from 40 feet in its nose and nothing will happen. So you can get a road legal car that’s practically indestructible. It also has a fully adjustable suspension, which was made by Bowler.

Oh, did I mention that it’s an off-road car? According to some people, the Bowler Wildcat is the best off-road car in the world. The Bowler Wildcat is designed for Dakar Rally and for Rallye des Pharaons. So the interior is…well, it’s not particularly luxurious. But you do get a shifter, 3 paddles, some buttons, an integrated fire extinguisher, and an onboard water supply for desert racing. All this surrounded by a roll cage.

So take the first paragraph in your left hand, and the second one in your right hand. After you’ve done that, put your hands together! What you get is simply staggering! An indestructible road legal car, which is faster than an Aston Martin…off-road!!! It’s like the Ferrari Enzo of the 4×4’s! 😀 True, you could buy a BMW M5 with that much money. And to be honest, I’d completely understand if you’d rather go for the Beamer, because you can’t really use the Wildcat everyday, even if it’s road legal. ‘Cause let’s face it, the interior is not what you call comfortable or luxurious, and it doesn’t even have a trunk. But with the Bowler, you can have the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. So this car is not an everyday car, but it’s the perfect second car in your garage what you use for a little extreme off-roading! 😀

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