Koenigsegg CCX

This super car is from the land of IKEA. But fortunately you don’t have to build this car yourself, because this car’s top speed is about 400 km/h (250 mp/h), which is awfully close to the Bugatti Veyron! Partly, it’s because this car is very light, thanks to its chassis completely made out of carbon fiber, and to the computer made design, which give the car a similar aerodynamics as a bullet. But mostly, the magic comes from under the bonnet. You see, the old car had a Ford engine that develops 655 bhp. Hmm…not bad. But with the new model, they went a bit crazy. This car’s engine was made by Koenigsegg themselves, and it’s a twin-supercharged 4.7 L V8, which develops 806 bhp! 😀 Oh, and I’ll give you a little tip: if you tune the engine so it can run on the more flammable Biofuel, the engine will develop almost 900 bhp!!! 😀

Contrary to a GT40, an Enzo, or even a Zonda, this car is not tamed by any special computers which helps you stay on the road. It doesn’t even have a spoiler which can push the ginormous rear wheels on the ground. This car is raw and vicious. It’s funny to think about that Koenigsegg said that this car is supposed to be more easy to live with, and more comfortable in every way. True, it is a bit taller than the old model, and it does have a radio. But, if you rev up the engine to about 4000 rpm, you can’t even hear AC/DC on that thing! And it still has those mad doors, which open vertically, so make sure you don’t park near a sidewalk, or you’ll scratch that expensive carbon fiber door. So if someone says Koenigsegg, the first word that comes to my mind is still “terror”! And that’s fine! I don’t have any problems with that. But I still keep thinking about what Koenigsegg meant when they said that it’s more comfortable. More comfortable than what? Getting shot???

I think all those luxurious items that were put on the CCX for a more comfortable car, was a waist of time, and money. They should’ve made a car which is a stripped down, hardcore hyper car, which has a spoiler, and doesn’t have a useless radio. And fortunately, they have! It’s called CCXR. The CCXR has the same suspension, and the same carbon fiber body so it looks the same as well. But it doesn’t have anything that would ruin the fun. So it has a spoiler for a way better handling, it doesn’t have a radio, and the painted carbon fiber body is an optional extra, so it doesn’t even have the weight of the paint. AND! it does have the same engine as the CCX, but with a few tweaks, they tuned the car so it would run on Biofuel (what I was talking about earlier), and the results are dramatic! While the CCX develops 806 bhp, the CCXR develops 1018 bhp!!! 😀 So thanks to all this weight saving, adding a spoiler, and tuning the engine, the CCXR has a top speed of more than 410 km/h (254 mp/h)!!!

It’s basically a hardcore version of the CCX. I think that the CCX was a total waist of time. You can’t use that car everyday. I mean it doesn’t even have a rear window, for crying out loud! But if you want to have some fun in a hardcore super car, the CCXR is the perfect choice.

So as always, let me know what you thing of these cars, and leave a request as well!